Scott Steiner Tells Hornswoggle He’s Going To “Beat His Ass & Satisfy His Woman”

In advance of his match against Hornswoggle at Absolute Intense Wrestling’s WrestleMania 35 week show, Scott Steiner went on a rant for the ages against his soon to be opponent. Here’s what Steiner had to say:

You are literally half my size. You are a freaking midget! Now, I know that this [isn’t] politically correct, so I’ll refrain from calling you a midget from now on. But listen up you short little bastard, this match has been advertised for a month now and you had a chance to call it off which makes me believe that you think you can beat me. That you believe that ‘great things come in small packages.’ But the saying that I keep hearing from your girlfriend is that your small package doesn’t fit in her big box. That’s never been a problem for the big bad booty daddy. Come April 4, you short little son of a b—, I’m going to beat your ass and satisfy your woman.

You can listen to the full promo below:

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