SCU On Whether They’ll Use The Freebird Rule & More

During their media scrum after Full Gear, SCU revealed that they won’t be using The Freebird rule for their tag title run and also gave their thoughts on facing Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevera this Wednesday on Dynamite. Here are the highlights:

On Not Using The Freebird Rule:

Chris Daniels On Not Using The Freebird Rule:

As long as the Freebirds don’t wrestle here, I don’t think so. Yeah, no. These guys earned the belts, their names are on the belts. I’ll get my own belt when the time’s right.

Kazarian On Facing The Inner Circle:

Certainly not gonna say no to Chris Jericho, you know. Certainly not…it’s a big fight. But every fight thus far has been a big night. You know, the first night when Scorp stepped up, when [Daniels] got hurt, that was a big fight. You know, the finals against the Lucha Brothers, that was a big fight. Tonight was a huge fight. Like I said, two of the best tag teams in the world. It’ll be an honor and a privilege to beat Chris Jericho and whoever he brings from the Inner Circle.

You can listen to the scrum below:

Credit: AEW. H/T 411Mania.


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