Sean Waltman Comments On The Bully Ray Fan Incident: “I Am Pretty Sure This Thing Is Not Going To Happen Again”

On the latest episode of his X-Pac 12360 podcast, Sean Waltman discusses the recent incident between Bull Ray and a fan at Sunday’s Ring of Honor event in Portland, Oregon. Ray was accused of intimidation by the fan in a lengthy Twitter rant after being pulled backstage for trash-talking members of The Allure (Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Mandy Leon). He has even released a statement telling his side of the story. Waltman admits that he tried to look at the situation from both perspectives, but is confused as to why it became such a big story in the first place. He does guess that the fan must have said a little bit more than “the average heckle.”

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that it was probably a little bit more than your average heckling of the heels. I am just guessing. I am just going by what these two are saying and their stories kind of match up. The actual confrontation and the stories match up. What’s the problem here? Why is this even that big of news? I don’t get it. Look, here’s the thing and I’ve read on Twitter some people’s responses on this and maybe I am missing something out there. People jumping his sh*t over his response. Was it the best idea to have[the fan brought into a private room where things can be claimed, accusations can be made, and it’s only you two. His words versus your word? Probably not the best idea but I am just going by what the fan said himself. I don’t see the big deal here. So, where’s the harm? Somebody got their feelings hurt? Someone got scared a little bit? Okay, big f***ing deal.

Waltman continues…

There is a line and you’ll know it. You’ll know it’s being crossed when you f***ing hear it. There’s sh*t talking like heckling wresters and if you step over the line-. Obviously I come from a different era but I try to look at things and I think I do a pretty good job compared to a lot of people from my generation when it comes to seeing things from everyone’s point of view. And I just think this is really being blown completely out of proportion. I have some friends that probably disagree with me and I don’t know what to tell you. I am just not seeing the huge issue here.

He then goes on to vouch for The Allure, calling them all veterans of the business.

Those girls, they’ve been around a minute. I’ve known them for over ten years and they’ve heard some s–t before. It’s not like they’re thin skinned and can’t handle being f***ed with out there, especially as heels. The woman in our industry and the sh*t they have to go through behind the scenes, let alone the sh*t they have to listen to from rude fans. I am pretty sure this kind of thing is not going to happen again. I just think this is ridiculous that it’s even a big story.

Ring of Honor is still investigating the incident. Check out Waltman’s full podcast below.

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