SEID – Takeshi Morishima vs. Bryan Danielson @ ROH Manhattan Mayhem II, ft. Mizfan

Sports Entertainment is Dead

It’s year two of Sports Entertainment is Dead, exclusively on Lords of Pain Radio, and with it comes a new project for Samuel ‘Plan – inspired by his book, 101 WWE Matches To See Before You Die, every week for the next year ‘Plan will be joined by a co-host to help break down the ins and outs, creative merits and historical significances of a range of professional wrestling matches from across a spectrum of Eras, promotions and countries all from the performance art point of view!

This week, the journey continues with a look at Takeshi Morishima vs. Bryan Danielson for the ROH World Championship at ROH Manhattan Mayhem II!

Breaking down the hard-hitting affair with ‘Plan, and returning from last week, is a famous LOP Radio voice as host of The Legacy Series and famous LOP writer as author of The Life and Times of Bobby Heenan, Mizfan! Join them as they break down every aspect of this puro-influenced encounter, including its bone-juddering aesthetic, its sports-like background, its main event sensibilities and much, much more!

Theme Song: Max Flashback

Artist: Lee Rosevere

Album: Music for Podcasts

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