Sgt. Slaughter On Bringing The Undertaker To WWE, Ronda Rousey’s First Year

Sgt. Slaughter was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated. Amongst the topics discussed was how Sgt. Slaughter helped bring The Undertaker to the WWE, Slaughter’s favorite Wrestlemania moment and Ronda Rousey’s first year in the WWE. Here are the highlights:

Slaughter On His Favorite Wrestlemania Moment:

Well, of course, the one I was in, WrestleMania 7 was always going to be with me the rest of my life. Just the buildup to it and the road to WrestleMania is always jam-packed, and you never know what’s gonna happen. You try to stay healthy. But there are times you go into a big event such as WrestleMania 35, but you’re not 100 percent. Hopefully, all our Superstars and the talent will be ready to go.

On Which Wrestlers He Would Have Liked To Get In The Ring With:

There’s a couple. I like Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar. I never got to wrestle The Undertaker, but it would’ve been fun to get into the ring with him.

On The Undertaker’s Streak Being The Greatest Wrestling Streak Ever:

I would have to say it was, yeah. To not lose a WrestleMania for 21 years was pretty astounding. The fact that I brought him into the WWE always made me feel even better.

On Helping To Bring Taker To The WWE:

Yeah, helped bring him in. He was wrestling down in WCW, kinda floundering around. Had real short hair red hair. Mark Callous, Mean Mark Callous. Saw a video of him, took it to Vince McMahon and he said, ‘Sarge, if you think he’s good enough to be here, bring him in for a tryout.’ So, brought him into Rochester, New York. He wrestled the first match and as I was watching the match, all of a sudden, my headset went off my ear and I heard Vince McMahon’s voice and he said, ‘Where’d you find this guy?’ And I said, ‘In a box of tapes.’ He said, ‘Well, send him to my office when he’s done.’ So, Mark came back from the ring and he said, ‘How did I do?’ I said, ‘Vince McMahon wants to talk to you.’ He said, ‘Oh, did I do something wrong?’ I said, ‘I think you probably did something right.’ So, I introduced him to Vince and he’s been there ever since.

On Ronda Rousey’s First Year With The WWE:

She’s doing great. She’s doing great. She’s really catching on fast. I like to see what she’s doing. At first, she was a little bit shy about letting her feelings out, but I’ve seen the last couple months now, she’s letting that fly and letting those ladies know what she’s there for. She can beat up most guys, so she’s doing what she’s doing. She’s doing to be really sensational.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: Sports Illustrated. H/T 411Mania.


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