Shane Taylor On Jeff Cobb Not Wanting A Rematch, Advice He Received From A WWE Legend & More

Shane Taylor recently took part in ROH’s “10 Questions With” series. During the interview, he discussed how he felt after Jeff Cobb didn’t want a rematch against him for the ROH TV Title, the best advice he ever received in the wrestling business and more. Here are the highlights:

On His Favorite Wrestler Growing Up:

My favorite wrestler growing up was Ron Simmons. On top of being the first recognized African American World Heavyweight Champion, he also did so just being an incredible athlete. Simply worked hard and made it to the top. He wasn’t a caricature of black culture as so many people are portrayed as today. He wasn’t a stereotype that so many people have been conditioned to believe and have grown comfortable seeing and relegating an entire people to. He was the first of his kind. Now that I’m a World Champion, I’m going to continue that legacy.

On William Regal Giving Him The Best Advice He’s Ever Received:

The best advice would actually be from William Regal, who said, “Go out there and perform like people are always seeing you for the first time.” That stuck with me and is why every match, every city, every venue, the people get the very best of Shane Taylor. No off days, no phoned-in performances. You get me at my best.

If He Feels Like Winning The ROH TV Title Has Earned Him More Respect:

No, I don’t, but that’s to be expected because Ring of Honor didn’t want me to be champion; the majority of their brainwashed fan base has only been conditioned to respect a certain few criteria in this sport, none of which I adhere to. But that will not stop me from becoming the most dominant television champion there’s ever been. It won’t stop me from putting on Match of the Year performance after Match of the Year performance, and it won’t stop me from achieving any of my other goals. Whether people like it or not, understand it or not, Shane Taylor is the man in ROH.

On Jeff Cobb Not Being Interested In A Rematch:

Cobb is a grown man. He knows what our first two bouts were like, so I’m not shocked. I think this situation is a lot like Frazier/Ali where eventually we’ll have to meet up and I’ll have to prove to him who the man is.

You can read the entire interview with Shane Taylor HERE

Credit: ROH.

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