Sonya Deville Joining ‘Total Divas’

Sonya Deville was a phone guest on the Afterbuzz TV’s SmackDown After Show where she alerted the hosts that she would be joining the E! reality show Total Divas for season 9. Deville mentions that showing the WWE Universe her personal life is important to her wrestling character, and looks forward towards being able to share such moments on future episodes.

Part of being a WWE Superstar to me is showing the fans what happens outside of the ring. Who I am in the ring, and in my personal life, is important to defining my character. I’m tough for a reason. I’ve been through things and I am the person I am for a lot of reasons. On that topic. I’ll be on Season 9 of ‘Total Divas,’ which is something I’m super excited about.

Deville also reveals that her relationship with her girlfriend will be showcased. Check out the full episode of Afterbuzz below.


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