Sonya Deville Talks Mandy Rose Relationship, Representing LGBTQ In WWE

SmackDown star Sonya Deville spoke with the Asbury Park Press recently about her current run with the WWE, and how she and fellow star Mandy Rose have been fortunate enough to compete during a surge in women’s wrestling.

Mandy and I were actually able to be part of so many firsts because we did come in at such a vital time, and I feel like we ourselves have contributed to the changing landscape of the women’s division, and that’s a personal goal of mine to continue to do.

Deville also speaks out on using her platform in the WWE to represent the LGBTQ community to the best of her ability, while taking pride in the fact that she’s the first openly gay woman in company history.

Being a part of the LGBTQ community myself, it’s another passion of mine to let my fan base know that I represent another demographic in the WWE, and we are diverse and it’s OK to be you. And that’s kind of another message I’d like to spread while I have this platform.

Check out Deville’s full interview here, where she gives her thoughts on the WrestleMania main event, and what the future for gender equality has in pro-wrestling.


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