Speculation On a Missing Journalist Causing Problems For WWE’s Saudi Arabia Deal

A seemingly unrelated international story about a journalist gone missing could ultimately cause the WWE major headaches as it relates to their deal with Saudi Arabia.

Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist for the Washington Post, has been missing for over a week. Turkish officials are alleging that he was killed while on-site at the consulate. A U.S. official added fuel to the fire by claiming that the U.S. has intercepts of Saudi officials discussing luring Khaskoggi to the Consulate.

While this may seem to have nothing to do with the WWE, Wade Keller believes otherwise. According to Keller and the PW Torch, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut is vowing that if the allegations are true, he will condemn anyone that has any relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Because Murphy is a Senator in the WWE’s home state of Connecticut, he could in turn put major pressure on the WWE to cease their relationship with Saudi Arabia. Here’s Keller on Twitter to discuss the potential issues for the WWE:

Credit Wade Keller, PW Torch.

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