Speculation On Future Partnership With Impact And NJPW

Speculation On Future Partnership With Impact And NJPW

Now that Anthem has purchased a majority stake in AXS TV, there is speculation that Impact will pressure New Japan Pro Wrestling to partner with them instead of Ring of Honor. NJPW and ROH have had a close partnership spanning over 5 years.

Earlier this year, NJPW was approached by AEW with an offer to work together, but they rejected the offer because they didn’t want want to negativity effect their relationship with ROH. As a result, Jon Moxley was pulled from NJPW and blocked from participating in any of their future events in the US. This was viewed as a poor decision by many as AEW is going to be featured on cable television in the US and ROH is going through what is described as “wandering aimlessly.”

The concern with Anthem pressuring NJPW to work with Impact is that it’ll sour all three companies’ relationships with each other.

(Credit: f4wonline.com)


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