Sports Entertainment is Dead - Examining the Royal Rumble Genre

Sports Entertainment is Dead – Examining the Royal Rumble Genre

In this week’s edition, ‘Plan sits down and begins an in-depth exploration of the way in which the Royal Rumble Match has evolved from a novelty match in 1988 to one of the most important and fun matches of every given WWE year in 2018, all by inspecting the five most important and inherent tropes of the Rumble when seen as a performance art genre.

Over the course of the hour, ‘Plan opens up about his views on the Iron Man Runs of Rumble lore, the Favourites to win and the two key types of performance they often offer up, how it is that the Past Meets Present sometimes effectively but with increasing toxicity as the years have gone by, how important the core conceit of Every Man For Himself is and why 1992’s addition of tangible stakes mattered so much and, finally, the effectiveness of the Final Passage of any given Rumble bout’s conclusion – all of this to better understand what makes for a great Rumble, a poor Rumble and everything in between over the course of its long and varied history!

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