Stephan Bonnar On Who He Thinks Will Win Between Moose & Ken Shamrock At Bound For Glory

Ken Shamrock

During an interview with Wrestlezone, former UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar predicted that Ken Shamrock will defeat Moose in their match at Bound For Glory. Here’s what he had to say:

So my prediction is Ken Shamrock is a friggin’ talk about black belt. He’s a master of pro wrestling. He started [in the] early ’90s actually doing pro wrestling before he got into MMA, because MMA wasn’t even invented yet and then he fell in love with MMA. Kind of a similar story to me, where, I mean he was first a pro wrestler—my mind I was a pro wrestler first—and then he became a fighter and then of course back to pro wrestling, then back to fighter. But prediction of that match, I mean, geez, “Mr. IMPACT” is Moose so he’s got the job with him, but is Shamrock gonna put Moose over? Ooo boy. I don’t know! He’s got a lot of heat going and I’m saying no, I’m saying that Shamrock…

Credit: Wrestlezone.


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