Steve Austin On Needing To Work Harder To Win Over The MSG Audience & More

Steve Austin On Needing To Work Harder To Win Over The MSG Audience & More

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Steve Austin talked about returning to Madison Square Garden and the difficulty that current wrestlers have in getting over with that audience. Here are the highlights:

On Returning To MSG:

Walking through those doors at the Garden is still special for me. That’s the WWE’s backyard. Even though they’ve been away for a couple of years, that’s a very special building to Vince. Some of my most iconic moments happened at the Garden. They play at the Barclays a lot, but they wanted to go back home to the Garden and I’m thrilled to be there.

On The MSG Crowd:

That crowd is a tough crowd, and if you win them over, you’ve really done something. It’s a crowd that you’ve got to work really hard for to earn their respect, and I love that about that building. Vince would always show up at the Garden, even for the house shows. And when the old man rolled into the building, we made sure we worked our asses off even more than we already were because Vince was watching.

On His Popularity:

I remember when the business got so hot back in the day that when you would drive your rental car into the Garden, the fans would line up and wait for you on the way out. Depending on how over you were as a baby face or how much heat you had as a heel, they would tear off your side view mirrors and rip off your antennas. People tearing up your automobile was almost like your reward for being over or having heat. We didn’t like it, but that was how it was. And eventually it started meaning something to us. They’d stick me in the back of an ambulance and someone would drive my car 10 blocks down the road. The ambulance would pull over, I’d jump out, jump in my rental car, and haul ass. I got a lot of great memories of the Garden, and I can’t wait to be back.

You can listen to the interview by clicking HERE.


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