Sting Opens Door For Another Potential WWE Return: "I Feel Like I Could Do It!" (Video)

Sting Opens Door For Another Potential WWE Return: “I Feel Like I Could Do It!” (Video)

WWE Untold: Sting's Last Stand

Following the premiere of the special new episode of WWE Untold it appears Sting’s status as an active pro wrestler appears to still be: “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!”

On the latest edition of the WWE Network original series dubbed “Sting’s Last Stand,” which debuted as part of a stacked line-up of first-run original programming scheduled for this weekend as part of WWE Survivor Series Weekend, Sting closed out the episode by reiterating his desire to do something in WWE with fellow pro wrestling legend The Undertaker.

“Who knows, if everything lines up just right,” Sting said. “And Vince [McMahon] and Triple H … and ‘Taker!” he exclaimed, again pointing out his specific interest in working with “The Dead Man” on the WWE stage.

The WWE Hall Of Fame legend would continue, as he went on to talk about some of the things he might hear from the company as time goes on.

“‘Sting, maybe we could do this … let’s just do a face-off,” he said. “‘Let’s get you guys involved in this or that’ … Ok, maybe I could do that! And so, you know … and again, I don’t know if it’s ego or pride or whatever, but … [whispering] I feel like I could do it!

“So … [laughs] all these years later … it’s insanity,” he continued. “Oh my gosh! [laughs again] it’s insanity, like I said a while ago — it’s insanity.”

“The Icon” concluded by saying, “It is what it is … I guess I’m a pro wrestler for life.”

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