Summer Rae On Working With Sasha Banks, A.J. Lee & Paige

Summer Rae was a recent guest on the “Ring the Belle” podcast. During the interview, she discussed working with Sasha Banks, A.J. Lee and Paige in both the WWE and NXT. Here are the highlights:

On Working With Paige While In NXT:

That was amazing. Like, she’s incredible in the ring. I always learned a lot from her and Nattie. That was ideal. We were really good friends then, so it was great.

On Getting To Wrestle Sasha Banks In NXT:

Sasha and I talk about this all the time. Her and I are still very good friends. She always wanted a program with me on the main roster. She asked for it, we had a couple good matches on the sub-shows like Main Event and Superstars … they had years, especially Sasha had years of experience over me. And then Charlotte having been around the wrestling world for so long. They both had tons of years ahead of me, so I was just happy to be in a faction with them.

On The Sasha Banks Rumors:

I don’t know about any of that. There were also a lot of rumors about me going around, and like every girl on the main roster. And everyone goes through things.

On Working With Both A.J. Lee & Sasha Banks On The Main Roster:

She loved working with me. She tried to get a storyline with me. AJ tried to get a storyline with me. AJ asked about me because we liked each other. She was cool even before Punk. Because of Chicago, we would all talk. But even before that, she just liked me and wanted to work with me. And she was so light, and I could just throw her around. So I loved working with Sasha.

On A Match Against Sasha Banks On Main Event:

We had good chemistry in putting the matches together. I think when people are really good in the ring and people that aren’t showcased as much in the ring like me, I think people assume the better worker put it all together. But this was very evenly planned, she wanted to make sure I had a lot of opinions in it. And amazing wrestlers bring the best out of other people, and Nattie and Sasha brought the best out of me.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: Ring the Belle. H/T 411Mania.


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