Take-Two “Disappointed” By WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 was released last month with a less than stellar launch. The game was a bug-filled mess with several key features either glitching, not working, or breaking the game. Most reviews for the game were negative, citing the bugs as well as its lack of innovative features for the low scores.

The WWE 2K series had been developed by the Japanese based studio Yuke’s up until this year, but they left after becoming frustrated with 2K Sports. As a result, Yuke’s is now creating their own wrestling game to compete with Take-Two’s WWE series. For the first time, WWE 2K20 was created entirely in-house by Visual Concepts, which puts together the NBA 2K series.

Take-Two president Karl Slatoff stated during an earnings call that the company is “disappointed” by the scores, but that Visual Concepts is still working on patches that should fix the overall negative complaints in the game’s performance.

Slatoff noted that while WWE 2K20 had a poor launch, they don’t plan on dropping WWE 2K any time soon. He adds, “The WWE brand continues to expand worldwide. And we believe there remains a substantial long-term opportunity to grow our WWE 2K series by improving the quality of the game.”


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