Tama Tonga Responds To Critics Of New Bullet Club Leader Jay White

The Bad Boy Tama Tonga posted to his Youtube page recently regarding criticisms of new Bullet Club leader Jay White. During the break-up of the OGBC and members of the Elite back at the G1 special, Tonga claimed that there was no official leader of the faction, defeating the Young Bucks for the IWGP Heavyweight tag titles along with his brother Tanga Loa, and even cementing his status as the head of Bullet Club himself. When he recently Tweeted out saying that Jay White was in fact the leader, numerous followers of NJPW wondered why the sudden change.

Oh my God. The complaining that’s coming in. Jesus Christ. Just because I said Jay is the new leader, the new front man, the new man that’s taking the charge, spearheading this campaign. This Bullet Club, this new Firing Squad. What is the matter with y’all? ‘But Tama you said there’s no leader?’ Yeah I said all of that…right after I kicked out the Elite, and right before we brought in Jay White. Think about this…with Jay White in…we got one man covering the direct route to the IWGP Heavyweight championship right? You got my brother and I…tag team duel…holding it down for the IWGP Heavyweight tag team championship. We got Fale the monster, we got Ishimori chasing the Junior-weight, and if there needs to be a Junior tag team, there will also be Robbie Eagles right? I mean…we’re covering all angles. That’s smart. Don’t y’all think?

Check out Tonga’s full comments below.


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