Taz On Why He Isn’t A Fan Of How Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston Are Being Booked Against Brock Lesnar

On the latest episode of “The Taz Show”, Taz discussed the “Brock in the Bank” story that has seen both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston in speaking segments opposite Brock Lesnar. Taz took issue with what he perceives to be a concerted effort to make Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston look inferior to Brock Lesnar. Here are the highlights:

On Not Enjoying How Rollings & Kingston Are Being Booked Compared To Lesnar:

I don’t like how the two Champions were subservient to Lesnar. Paul [Heyman] even said ‘You guys are fighting to get your hands on Lesnar and he’s the challenger’. The two Champions are jockeying to get their hands on Lesnar. I feel the head Champion is just that – The Champ. Those guys need to be head and shoulders. They should never come across on TV in their characters to come across as subservient to anybody. For me, the overview of having both champions subservient to anyone, I don’t think is a good move.

During my time as ECW Champ, I was very protective of that character. I was very serious. I was all business. It’s how the champion is portrayed to viewer. That’s the key. The champion always needs to be portrayed always in a strong light. Any champion in the wrestling business, with the big time push, always had that feel. From the Hulk Hogans to the Ric Flairs – those two guys always had that right feel as champions. WWE has done that with The Rock as champion – always in the right light. Always with Triple H, Stone Cold – Always in the right light. I don’t think having those guys come across subservient is the right thing. I know for me, I would have given a lot of push back. Closed door meeting: ‘I think this hurts me as a champion’. I think everything you feel when watching the Champion: backstage interview, arriving at the arena, entrance, promo in the ring, it’s got to be revealed. It’s got to be top. Heyman saying ‘look at you guys – look what you’re doing’ I don’t know how much it helps those babyface Champion shine.

On Liking The Concept But Hating The Name Of The 24/7 Title:

Give it a chance. What’s good about this is you’ve got an opportunity to make somebody by giving them a little push. Otherwise, there’s all these talents lost in shuffle. Now, it’s not just a segment. Now, there’s a title there. It gets [a superstar] some TV time that has a little bit of quality to it because there’s something at stake.

I have other names I would have called it. First thing I thought of was ‘Round The Clock Championship. I also like the NDO Championship: No Days Off. This thing can be defended at any time. Give it a name with one word. Give it the name ‘Relentless’ because you have to be relentless to keep after this thing all the time. Or the men coming after this, they are relentless.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: The Taz Show. H/T WrestlingInc.

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