Tenille Dashwood Calls IMPACT Knockouts Division One Of The Best In The World, Warns Taya Valkyrie

New IMPACT star Tenille Dashwood released a video promo hyping her debut at this weekend’s tapings from Mexico City. Dashwood states that she’s wrestled for some of the best companies in the world, but considers the Knockouts division in IMPACT to be top tier. She also calls out current champion Taya Valkyrie, claiming that it won’t take her long to reach the top of the card.

I’ve wrestled since I was 13 years old. I’ve traveled the world and wrestled on the grandest stages you can imagine, with some of the best companies there are. So it only makes sense that I make my way to IMPACT Wrestling. I came to IMPACT Wrestling because the Knockouts division is one of the best in the word, but just because I’m new at IMPACT doesn’t mean I’m going to start at the bottom. I’m going straight to the top. Taya Valkyrie…get ready for Tenille Dashwood.

Check it out below.



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