Tessa Blanchard On Fans Who Think She’s Only Successful Because Of Her Father & More

Tessa Blanchard recently sat down for an interview with “TheGorillaPosition.com”. During the interview, she talked about her feelings towards fans that think her success is attributed to her father, WWE Hall of Famer and WCW Legend Tully Blanchard. Here are the highlights from the interview:

On The Benefit From Learning Different Styles Around The World:

I just hit my five-year mark since I first began my training. And right now, I feel like I’ve really, finally come full circle. At that point, if someone had asked me, where do you think you’d be in five years? There’s no way I could have imagined I’d be here. I’ve wrestled some of the best wrestlers in the world – both male and female. I’ve had the longest women’s match in [pro wrestling] history. I got to travel to Australia and I got to main event at Korakuen Hall. I got to be a part the first women’s match in the history of China.

Everywhere I go, the styles are different. When you wrestle in Japan, it’s more strong style. When I go to Mexico, it’s definitely more high-flying. And in my matches I’ve had with Taya in Impact, it’s been a lot more ground-based. So, I basically have to be ready for anything, and be able to adapt depending on where I’m wrestling, or who I’m in the ring with.

On Fans Who Credit All Of Her Success To Her Father:

I’ve said since day one that my last name might get my foot in the door, and give me an opportunity. I’m not denying that. But, once you step in that ring, you’ve got to be able to back it up. You got to be able to work hard. And that’s what I do. I work hard, because that’s what’s necessary. You have to go that extra mile. Everybody can look at me, and make all the excuses they want. Like, ‘Oh, it’s because of her Dad or, it’s her last name.’ But if you work hard, none of that matters… it’s all just bulls–t.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE

Credit: TheGorillaPosition.com

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