Tetsuya Naito On Not Being Impressed By Jon Moxley

New Japan Cup

Tetsuya Naito was recently interviewed by NJPW. During the interview, the topic of Jon Moxley was discussed. Naito revealed that he isn’t a fan of Moxley’s brawling style and prefers technical wrestlers. Here’s what he had to say:

That Moxley match didn’t really move me. I know it was a hot crowd in Ryogoku, that came through on the TV even, but I was left thinking, ‘Why are the people making that kind of noise?’ I couldn’t put my finger on it, myself.

I prefer technical wrestlers. Plus, with his new gear, he seems more subdued, less showy than how I imagine a WWE wrestler is. Then again, that’s just going off one match. Maybe he has something I haven’t seen just yet.

You don’t hold all the championships he has, or get as popular as he’s got purely on luck. Maybe I’ll see something in him after we actually meet in the ring, but for now, he’s an unknown quantity.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE.

Credit: NJPW.


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