The Blue Meanie On JBL’s Shoot At ECW One Night Stand & The Current Status Of Their Relationship

The Blue Meanie was a recent guest on “Prime Time With Sean Mooney”. During the interview, he was asked about the incident that took place at ECW One Night Stand in 2005. At that event, JBL took legitimate shots at him and split his head open. The Blue Meanie told his version of the story and revealed that he and JBL are now friends and have been for a while. Here are the highlights:

On What Actually Happened at ECW One Night Stand:

I turn around and there’s JBL. He starts throwing live rounds to the point where he does the hockey thing. He puts the shirt over my face and starts swinging. I’m not gonna stand here and take it….I start throwing blows and then we split up. The altercation opened up the stitches in my head and I was now gushing blood. I told the other wrestlers in the ring that “he shot on me”.

When I got backstage, John Laurinaitis was waiting for me and asked me who gave me permission to blade. I told him what happened. I mentioned that JBL never liked me. I don’t know why he’s never liked me and he just shot on me in the ring. Laurinaitis replied, ‘That’s unacceptable.’

When JBL got to the back, I confronted him and his response was ‘you talked about me on the internet!’ I was like, ‘Dude, come on.’ Someone pulled him back while I got re-stitched. That wasn’t the end of the story though. I had a website and a personal blog, so I posted a message on there about the incident. It read ‘We get in the ring. We’re supposed to protect each other. There’s a code. I’m putting my face out there and you shoot on me like that.’

On The WWE Asking Him To Return:

I got a call from Tommy Dreamer and he told me that the WWE wanted me to return and wanted to do right by me. I was assured that it had nothing to do with JBL but when I arrived at the arena, I was told that I would be wrestling JBL and I would be going over.

The entire thing didn’t feel right to me. It felt like a setup. I ran into Triple H backstage and voiced my concerns. He brought me to Vince’s office and Vince personally guaranteed that nothing like that would happen again.

On Finally Getting To Talk Face To Face With JBL:

We walk off and the further we walk, the less signage I start to see. If we walk into a room and there’s plastic on the floor, this is gonna be like a mob hit. I’m Joe Pesci. Instead, JBL was gracious and offered his hand in reconciliation to me. He said ‘hey man, we can either fight or we can make money.’ I replied ‘dude, I never wanted to fight. I don’t know what this is all about. The shame of it is I was a big fan of yours, John. I liked your work when you were Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw because you reminded me of Stan Hansen, who was one of my favorite wrestlers.’ We shook hands and JBL told me ‘I’m happy you’re here. Let’s go make money off this.’

On His Current Friendship With JBL:

We follow each other on Twitter. He actually went to bat for me and pushed for a Royal Rumble spot for me when the Rumble came back to PHiladelphia. Out of something that was so ugly became this cool friendship. I’m happy we made amends because anytime you hold a grudge or vendetta against somebody, it doesn’t hurt the person you’re mad at. It just eats away at you. He apologized and I took him at his word. Again, those were crazy times.

On His Thoughts On JBL In 2019:

John’s a great guy. He was climbing the mountains for the kids in Bermuda and raising money for that. He does a lot of good charity work a lot of people don’t even know about.

You can listen to the full podcast by clicking HERE

Credit: Prime Time With Sean Mooney. H/T WrestlingInc.

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