The Doc Says…AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins – Who’s Better? (Plus WWE Financials and May Wrestler, Match of the Month)

QUESTION OF THE DAY: AJ Styles has the same career he’s had, match quality and in-ring skill wise; Seth Rollins has the same career to date and whatever comes next; which wrestler do you build your fantasy promotion around?

This week, The Doc tackles one of the more interesting topics in wrestling nerdom – who’s the best? Specifically this week, he evaluates the consensus top in-ring performer of the last two years in WWE, AJ Styles, opposite the white hot frontrunner for Wrestler of the Year in 2018 to date, Seth Rollins. To quickly preview, this is really a conversation centered on the popular style that most diehard fans prefer against a more nuanced modus operandi. Also, Doc explains how it would be possible for WWE to be peaking financially without simultaneously having to peak creatively, as many believe to be the case in present day. The show begins with the Wrestlers (male and female) and Match of the Month for May 2018.

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