The Doc Says...Backlash Thoughts, What's Next for Both Brands, and WWE Fatigue

The Doc Says…Backlash Thoughts, What’s Next for Both Brands, and WWE Fatigue

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What’s the number one thing that would ramp up your enthusiasm for the WWE product right now?

This week, The Doc reflects on a Backlash event that certainly left a lot to be desired for a few key reasons, mainly the main-event, off-setting what had otherwise been a decent show. Joe vs. Reigns was basically the anti-thesis of the fantastic opener between The Miz and Seth Rollins. It was another pay-per-view that left Doc feeling guardedly pessimistic about the product, confident that the roster has the talent necessary to ramp up WWE’s momentum, but lacking confidence in WWE itself to allow the talent to blossom, honestly to the point of feeling rather meh about the coming months for the overall product as we round into the infant stages of Summerslam Season 2018. Doc sets the stage in this podcast for what could be a very important next month for a fanbase on the ropes, struggling with WWE fatigue.


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