The Doc Says...Help Me, Obi-Seth Kenobi...You're My Only Hope

The Doc Says…Help Me, Obi-Seth Kenobi…You’re My Only Hope


QUESTION OF THE DAY: How do you currently feel about Braun Strowman beating Brock Lesnar as opposed to, say, Seth Rollins?

This week, The Doc has got a lot on his mind, but chief among the list is Seth Rollins losing the Intercontinental Title, which simultaneously – at least in theory – frees him up to go after the Universal Championship. With his interest in Summerslam, based on rumors anyway, not exactly built on a sturdy foundation, Doc is hopeful that The Architect can craft a plan to save the Summer Classic from another dull as socks main-event. Also up for debate is Rusev becoming #1 contender to the WWE Championship, the Wrestlers of the Month for June, and a very interesting rundown of the Match of the Month contenders, as well as a suggested playlist to honor the late, great Vader.


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