How Two Roman Reigns Interviews Highlight WWE's Biggest Problem

The Doc Says…How Two Roman Reigns Interviews Highlight WWE’s Biggest Problem

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is the key to unlocking the stacked modern WWE roster’s creative potential?

This week, The Doc is in a reflective mood about the current state of WWE and his current state of fandom, with the number one question on his mind being what the biggest problem is that has shaped the general perception of WWE being in a down creative cycle that stretches nearly a year and a half now. Roman Reigns gave a pair of interviews in the past week that truly stand out to Doc as exemplifications of the primary issue at hand. If you are feeling jaded these days about WWE, then this show likely will speak to you and, if you are somehow on board with the general creative direction of the product, then this show will likely get you riled up. Doc also discusses Ronda Rousey’s title shot at Money in the Bank from multiple perspectives.


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