The Doc Says...The Role of the WWE Live Audience Has Been Re-Defined

The Doc Says…The Role of the WWE Live Audience Has Been Re-Defined

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What role does the live WWE audience member play in this day and age?

This week, The Doc ponders the evolution of the live audience member’s role at WWE events. It certainly is not today what it was years ago, that is for sure. Doc takes you back to the origin of the WWE fan experience in the WrestleMania Era, progresses the discussion up to WrestleMania XX – an edition of “The Showcase of the Immortals” that featured a landmark moment for dirtsheet influence – and brings the conversation back to present day, when we are recently removed from a grotesque display of crowd distraction at the Extreme Rules PPV a pair of Sundays ago. What was our role? How has our role changed? What is our role now?


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