The Executive Producer Of Lucha Underground Isn't Certain The Show Will Return For A 5th Season

The Executive Producer Of Lucha Underground Isn’t Certain The Show Will Return For A 5th Season

On a new episode of Masks, Mats & Mayhem, Lucha Underground Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen spoke out regarding a potential fifth season for the lucha libre-based wrestling show, which has been running on the El Rey Network since 2014.

I don’t know anything about season 5. We survive as El Rey survives. We need them to be successful and we need them to be able to afford to do the show.

I think we reached the tipping point budget wise. We’ve gone I think as low as we can go. And I don’t know that we would try to replicate the business model of season 4 again. And so it becomes a question again of ‘can we find a way to do season 5 without it being cheaper and faster and all the other things?

Nobody is saying it’s dead [Lucha Underground], there’s just not a huge hustle to get it on the air right now. Good shows sometimes go away for business decisions. Sometimes shitty shows live on and on and on, for business reasons

Van Wagenen also claimed that MGM still has interest in running the show, but whether season five would be a reboot or a continuation is yet to be determined. Check out his full comments below.


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