The Global Revolution (wXw Shortcut to the Top)

The Global Revolution (wXw Shortcut to the Top)

Are you ready for a revolution? Mizfan & Jeff are BACK! Join us this week as we return to wXw just in time for their version of the Royal Rumble, Shortcut to the Top, plus a special Canadian shoot style tournament known as AMBITION. We breakdown all the matches along the way and talk about what you should take the time to check them out. Coverage includes:

-Ilja Dragunov
-Timothy Thatcher
-Absolute Andy
-Bobby Gunns
-Lucky Kid
-Daniel Makabe
-Yuki Ishikawa
-Aussie Open

and much more!

Join us for all the wrestling which may have fallen under your radar, as always airing at 7a EST! Don’t miss it!


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