The Iconics On Returning To Australia, Dakota Kai

The Iconics were recently interviewed by Newshub. During the interview, they discussed what it was like to return to Australia after becoming WWE superstars and their friendship with Dakota Kai. Here are the highlights:

Billie Kay On Returning To Australia:

It’s really exciting. Peyton and I can’t wait to get back home, and to wrestle three shows – Melbourne, Perth and our hometown of Sydney. It’s a dream come true for us.

Peyton Royce On Their Accomplishments:

It’s so surreal what we get to do together each day, and accomplish or experience some of these amazing moments that we have so far. But we definitely take some time to get together and just ground ourselves a little – to reflect on how far we have come, but also focus on those goals we still have to achieve.

Peyton Royce On Dakota Kai’s Upside:

I think Dakota is an absolute superstar. To come back from an injury like that and then perform at the level she has since that comeback proves what type of heart and passion she has for the business.

Billie Kay On Being Proud Of Kai:

I’ve known Dakota for a very long time and it’s really exciting to see how her career has grown. I’m super proud of her, but also really eager to see what she can accomplish in the future.

You can read the interview HERE.

Credit: Newshub.


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