The Right Side Of The Pond: AEW Double Or Nothing Reaction and Jon Moxley Fall Out!

This week, Samuel Plan and Maverick kick off a whole new era of The Right Side Of The Pond on their brand new platform by diving headlong into AEW’s Double Or Nothing pay-per-view. Long time “WWE guys” though they are, both of our hosts absolutely loved what the show had to offer, and came away enthused to see a whole new era of professional wrestling kickstarted. They’ll discuss their opinions on the matches, the production and the surprise appearance of one Jon Moxley, before switching gears to discuss Moxley’s spot on ‘Talk Is Jericho’ and how it echoed so many of their own concerns about WWE in the modern era. Both ‘Plan and Mav are reaching breaking point with the ‘E, and suddenly they are being offered an alternative. This is one of our most fascinating shows in a long time! Be sure to tune in! You can listen by clicking the link below, or you can download, listen and subscribe on iTunes!

Listen by clicking RIGHT HERE!

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