The Right Side Of The Pond: Mythbusting WWF New Gen ’95 (Part 4: In Your House 1)

We have reached the first ever In Your House pay-per-view! A momentous event in wrestling history, the advent of monthly “non Big 5” pay-per-views was something that ended up sticking, and its a model the company are still using to this day! Many will have fond memories of the classic In Your House stage set and logo, and of the bizarre competitions to win…a house, but there was some damn good wrestling on those shows, and this first iteration includes an absolute classic in Bret Hart vs Haikushi, and some excellent supporting material from the likes of Ramon, Jarrett, Sid and Diesel. Tune in to listen to what ‘Plan and Mav thought having rewatched the show! Listen below, on iTunes, or indeed, on LOP’s YouTube channel!


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