The Right Side Of The Pond: Reassessing The Invasion (Part 1 – King Of The Ring 2001)

Given that the present product is basically awful, the boys have decided to bring you a new series based on one of their favourite angles of all time: The Invasion!

While many have dismissed The Invasion as a disappointment or a let down, TRSOTP have never bought into that particular groupthink. Our opinion has always been the writing, execution, and talent management of The Invasion storyline was every bit as good as the year leading up to Wrestlemania X7. We saw the likes of Booker T and DDP become staples of the product, and the double crossing of Vince by men who had once worked for WCW and ECW kept us hooked through the summer and autumn of 2001. Our opinion is that it doesn’t matter that Ric Flair, Sting, Nash, Hall and co were not available. The creative team put together compelling storylines, and the wrestlers delivered in the ring. Our belief is that everyone needs to rewatch these shows and revise their thoughts!

We start with King of the Ring 2001, a show which took place amidst an atmosphere of chaos and paranoia. We had an absent chairman, a psychotic yet insecure champion, two number one contenders who may or may not have been looking to defect, a stalker in the crowd looking to be made famous, and the new owner of WCW was about to get suplexed through a glass partition. All that, and the little matter of a King of the Ring to crown! It’s a great PPV and the boys have a lot of fun digging into its nuances. This one is a must listen! #PondVasion

You can listen in the embedded player below, or download from iTunes!

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