The Right Side of the Pond – WrestleMania Weekend Fallout

On this week’s show, Mazza, Maverick and ‘Plan look back at WrestleMania weekend and the fallout. They begin by discussing the ladies who managed two of the stronger matches at Mania (and also a very good showing at TakeOver). It was a really good sign that the revolution has really worked. They move on to look at the surprising hit of a mixed tag which signalled Ronda Rousey’s emergence and look at where she may go next. Next they discuss the post-Mania call ups from NXT and just where they will all fit in. They look at Paige’s new role as SDL GM and what they think Bryan will do next. They look at the storylines for Zayn and Owens as well as the Nakamura heel turn. They finish things off by picking their most and least favourite parts of the weekend and giving some flash predictions for the Shake Up and SummerSlam.

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