The X-Patriot is ALL IN

The X-Patriot is ALL IN

Join XanMan and his buddy Reejecoap as they preview the hottest indy show of all-time, ALL IN tonight at 6 p.m. Central Time.

Your usual NJPW host, XanMan, will be going to the hottest independent show in the history of professional wrestling as Cody and The Young Bucks host ALL IN just outside of Chicago, IL at the Sears Arena on September 1st. What’s all the hype about? Well, it’s got the hottest act in the world, an NWA World Title match, and a Ring of Honor World Title match, Stephen Amell from Arrow, among other featured bouts. Join Xan and his buddy, J.J. (Reejecoap) will be going live to discuss the card for the show, possible implications for the future, as well as a few other things from around the wrestling world.


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