There Are No Plans For CM Punk To Sign With AEW

A lot of people speculated that we’d be seeing CM Punk in AEW sooner than later, but Dave Meltzer insists that there’s no plans. During an interview by ESPN about his upcoming Starrcast appearance, CM Punk mentioned that he’d received several offers from AEW’s Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes through text messages. Cody Rhodes responded on Twitter by clarifying that he had reached out to Punk in a text message, but that someone from AEW also approached him in person and that phone calls were made. This, along with his Starrcast appearance, had fans thinking there was something going on.

CM Punk mentioned during the interview that he felt Cody and AEW were just using his name for value and that he has no intentions of wrestling again. Cody Rhodes mentioned on Twitter that he felt CM Punk would eventually end back in the WWE but that the door was always open for him. Many speculated that this was an angle leading to Punk’s AEW Debut at All Out on August 31st.

Unfortunately, Dave Meltzer doesn’t believe anything is going on here.

“I think some people are reading this as some sort of work, but its not. He could always change his mind and of course they’ll take him.” – Dave Meltzer on CM Punk going to AEW.

I have reached out to several sources and no one seems to be able to confirm or deny whether there are plans for Punk, but that he has currently not signed any kind of deal with AEW. I’m still waiting on a few people to get back to me, but it’s looking like we won’t be seeing CM Punk in the ring any time soon.


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