Titus O’Neil Talks Batista Return, Comments On The “Give Me What I Want” Promo, Says His Match At Mania Will Be Great

WWE ambassador Titus O’Neil caught up with the Gorilla Position where the former tag team champion talked about his good friend Batista, and his upcoming showdown with Triple-H at WrestleMania. O’Neil reveals that Batista is slightly nervous ahead of his five-year absence from wrestling, but feels confident that the Animal will return to his old ways once the match gets going.

He was a little concerned about being rusty, but he’s in there with a professional like Triple H, and they’ve gone to battle several times before. It’s on the grandest stage of them all, but he’s competed at this level on numerous occasions, and I think once he gets over the pre-match jitters and gets into the action, I think it’s going to be one hell of a fight. He’s definitely going in to try and end the career of Triple H.

O’Neill then jokes about the Guardian of the Galaxy star’s infamous “Give me what I want” promo from Monday Night Raw a few weeks back, claiming that he enjoys poking fun at it because it’s been meme’d as much as his trip incident from the Greatest Royal Rumble.

It was what it was. I joke with him about it a little bit, and just asked him and every once in awhile I’ll send him a text and ask him ‘what do you really want?’ It’s funny because we’re in an era in which everything you do on television can be meme’d, cloned, put a remixed to, so he’s gotten a little bit of the ‘Titus O’Neil treatment’ with that one after Titus World-slide.

Check out the full clip below.




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