TJ Perkins Discusses Decision To Return To IMPACT, Whether He Would Bring Back The “Suicide” Character

TJ Perkins, also known as TJP in WWE, was a recent guest on the WINCLY podcast where the former cruiserweight champion details his return to IMPACT, revealing that they were one of the first companies to reach out to him, and explains why he believes the promotion is on the rise.

They had been one of the first places to reach out. I had touched base with a lot of places that could be potential landing spots to me, but they had more of an idea of what they wanted to do immediately. There was one other place similarly reaching out to me that I hope will unfold pretty quickly. Impact offered a lot of freedom to me and had an idea. I just wanna wrestle so I was looking forward to getting back in. I really like their roster and what they’ve built. If I compare being a freelance wrestler to NBA free agency, they’re like a team that’s just reloaded and have a ton of stars. So why wouldn’t you want to be a part of something that is operating from a clean slate.

Perkins would then address his old IMPACT persona Suicide, and discuss whether or not he believes the character could make a return in today’s wrestling landscape.

I thought Suicide was pretty cool. It was one of those things for American wrestling that had its own folklore and obviously different guys interchanged through the mask. I think it would be really cool for it to come back in its original form. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it in full gear so I don’t know how well it would fit in…But I would personally like to see it because, selfishly, it was an important part of my history and I know a lot of fans miss it.

You can listen to Perkins’ full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)



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