TJ Perkins (TJP) On Working With Vince McMahon: “He Was Always Amazing As Far As That Goes.”

Former WWE wrestler TJ Perkins was a recent guest on the WINCLY podcast where the winner of the 1st ever Cruiserweight Classic opened up about his relationship with Vince McMahon and how “fun and fulfilling” of an experience it was to work with him.

For me, it was always a lot of fun and was fulfilling. He really is like a father figure to everybody and he’s really more of a normal dude. I can’t stress it enough how normal of a guy he is. I think people are more just scared of his door than anything else. He’s soft spoken and listens really well and cares about your ideas.

Perkins mentions that McMahon would give him notes every now-and-then, but admits that it did help him in the long run.

He was always amazing to work with as far as that goes. And he’s really smart as I learned a lot being able to work with him. When I would have stuff he would like or didn’t like, I would learn something new about why that was the case. It made me a better way person in this game by being able to have that interaction.

You can find the full interview here, where Perkins gives his opinion on the Lio Rush situation, and explains why things didn’t pan out for him in the WWE.


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