Tom Magee On How Challenging It Is To Sustain A Wrestling Career & More

Tom Magee has been in the wrestling headlines quite a bit lately surrounding his previously un-aired match against Bret Hart from many years ago. Magee was interviewed by 411Mania at Starrcast. During the interview, he discussed how much of a grind it is to maintain a wrestling career, why he prefers his MMA style wrestling even if it didn’t ultimately lead to success and more. Here are the highlights:

On Keeping A Positive Attitude After His Wrestling Career Ended:

I can enjoy the high heights, which as you know, having Vince McMahon see you do a wrestling match and be really impressed, that’s a very high life experience. But I also enjoy very simple things that everyone has access to. I like nature, if I eat a meal, I actually become present to eating the meal and enjoying the taste of the food. So I go from enjoying real high experiences that are very tenuous and difficult to sustain if you ever get them, but I also enjoy the very simple things everyone has available to them. So I always have an avenue to be happy.

On Whether He Preferred Working For The WWE Or Japan:

I actually really like the style in Japan, very physical. When Bret [Hart] and I had our second match, I had just been in Japan, and I did the match a little bit more towards that way. I did have a martial arts background, I liked to innovate a little bit and push the wrestling style a little bit in that direction.

On Enjoying His MMA Style Even If It Wasn’t Well Received:

It wasn’t particularly well received, but it was something that was organic to me, something I wanted to do, but it kind of failed, because it was never recognized for it being something good that was happening, but at least in that respect, I failed doing something that resonated with me and was honest to me.

On The Struggle To Sustain A Wrestling Career:

When I hear Bret talk, and other people talk, to make it in pro-wrestling, and to sustain your success, like someone like Hulk Hogan did, very difficult. And also to do a good match, that really connects with the people, that also, there are so many elements to it. And then the circumstances of how things can fall for you or against you. I mean really, it narrows the gate. There are lots of ways to miss it.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: 411Mania.


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