Tommaso Ciampa Discusses His Fear Prior To His Neck Surgery

Tommaso Ciampa was a recent guest on “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness”. The three wrestlers discussed their various injuries and surgeries during his appearance. Ciampa revealed that he was terrified prior to his surgery and that it was his wife whose words were able to calm him down. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s different from every other injury. When you hurt your knee, you’re like, ‘I cannot perform like this, I need this fixed.’ When you hurt your neck, you feel like you can perform. It’s a mental game where it’s hard for you to grasp why you need to fix it. I was still in the gym and training but now that it’s over with, you wake up symptom free and suddenly you can close your hands, you can grip, you can sleep. It’s crazy. Then you know that you needed that.

I was so freaked out having neck surgery this young. Talking to [my surgeon] with my family, he left the room, and she [said to me], ‘This is like brushing his teeth for him. He does this every day, numerous times.’ It really put me at ease. Yes, this is foreign to me, but he does it all the time. He was so confident that it let us relax mentally.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. H/T Wrestlezone.

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