Tommy Dreamer Talks Tessa Blanchard Situation

IMPACT Wrestling producer and member of creative Tommy Dreamer recently commented on the Tessa Blanchard situation. Blanchard was recently accused of historical racism and bullying by members of the NXT, NWA rosters and independent scene.

Dreamer stated that “Sometimes in the heat of battle you say things that you regret. I know that Tessa used to date a famous wrestler who’s in WWE that is African American. I know Tessa is currently engaged to Daga who is Mexican, I do not feel that Tessa Blanchard is racist.”

Dreamer also commented on the use of social media, saying “I’ve said this so many times before, social media is a blessing and a curse. But, it’s a very very crappy situation that happened but when you’re around people that love you, when you’re around people that support you, only around people where you have the ability to tell them the truth, you know what the other side of the story is. Hey, you know that’s a good thing.”


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