Tony Schiavone On Vince McMahon Not Liking His Work In WWE

Tony Schiavone On Vince McMahon Not Liking His Work In WWE

Tony Schiavone was recently a guest on WINCLY. During the interview, he discussed Vince McMahon not being a fan of his work during his brief stint in WWE. Here are the highlights:

On Working Starrcade v Wrestlemania:

Starrcade I never was nervous, but WrestleMania I think I was because of what it was.

That was a little intimidating and I also think that my work during WrestleMania, those backstage interviews, I don’t think Vince liked my work at all….I was being the Tony Schiavone in WCW, but that’s not what he wanted. He wanted kind of a Gene Okerlund guy.

On Vince Being Hands On:

Every interview I did backstage at WrestleMania, he produced them…. I had a great relationship with him. I flew on the airplane with he and Bruce, Kevin Dunn.

On Vince Never Telling Him When He Didn’t Like His Work:

To be honest with you, he didn’t like my work very well, but he never told me that. He always told Bruce Prichard and Bruce was the guy to bring you bad news. Someone told me, ‘That’s old school McMahon because his dad was like that too.’

On Bruce Prichard Being Back Where He Belongs:

It’s his passion. I always thought that would happen….It’s always where Bruce wanted to be. Bruce and Vince work so well so I always thought it was a natural fit.

On What It’s Like To Work For Vince:

You are on call to Vince 24/7. You have to realize that before you take that job…If Bruce is part of that inner circle, guess what Bruce: doctor’s calling Bruce 24/7.

On What He’s Doing Outside Of The Wrestling Business:

You’re not gonna see much of me this year as they moved their tapings from Thursdays to Saturdays.

I’m the producer for [Georgia’s] radio network for basketball and football. I do some announcing but I’m mostly behind the scenes. Every Saturday I either have a basketball or football game.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: WINCLY.


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