Tony Schiavone On What Started WCW’s Downfall, Why Vince McMahon Won

Tony Schiavone was on a recent episode of “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness”. During the interview, they discussed the downfall of WCW. Schiavone revealed that the debut of Thunder was the initial cause of the downfall because WCW didn’t have the production team to handle a second live weekly show. He also believes that there was a different between WCW and WWE in that WCW was a wrestling organization working for a television company whereas the WWE was a wrestling company that happened to product television. Here are the highlights:

On WCW Thunder Being The Beginning Of The Downfall Of WCW:

Obviously, things went downhill and there [are] many things you can point to to it, but I really think that because they wanted us to do a new show, which was Thunder, I think that’s what started our trend downward. I remember Eric saying he had a meeting with production and that they want us to do another show for TBS. Nitro was great on TNT, so they wanted a weekly show for TBS and he said, ‘I don’t think we can do it – I don’t think we have the manpower to do it.’ And he said, ‘unless Ted Turner comes to me and says we have to do it, we’re not going to do Thunder.’ And so, we all left the meeting feeling like we weren’t going to do it. It wasn’t called Thunder at the time, but there was no way we were going to do a weekly TBS live show. And I guess Ted came and said we’re going to do it because it wasn’t long after that, a month or so after that, we started doing it.

On WCW Not Having The Production Team For A Second Weekly Show:

I think we were spreading ourselves too thin and I think that’s why it declined. I think it really spread us thin because I really don’t think we had the budget for it. I think, all-of-a-sudden, you’re doing a second live show and that’s expensive and so I think it thinned us our money-wise too. Then, all-of-a-sudden, we’re not doing it live. We’re taping it. And now, instead of going out there and doing a live Nitro on Monday and a live Thunder on Thursday, we started taping Thunder the next day on Tuesday. And then, things got so bad money-wise we had to tape Thunder the same night as Nitro afterwards. And so, I think talent, we had plenty of talent, but we didn’t have the production personnel of the funds to be able to stay up and do that, so we made a mistake there.

On Why He Knew Vince & The WWE Would Win:

Here’s the thing, that’s the difference between Vince McMahon running a wrestling company and us working for a television company! And to me, I always knew if there was going to be a winner in this war, and I didn’t know that there was going to be a winner and a loser if you want to call it that, but I always knew if there was going to be a winner in the war, it was going to be Vince McMahon because it was his company. The buck stopped with him. And we had to answer to a television company and they didn’t care.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness.


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