Triple H Has High Praise For NXT UK Star

Triple H Has High Praise For NXT UK Star

Pete Dunne’s 685 day reign as NXT UK Champion came to an end Friday night at the hands of Walter. Triple H discussed Pete Dunne on a media call after the show and if his words are to be taken at face value, this won’t be the last title run for Dunne. Triple H went as far to say that Pete Dunne has as bright of a future as anyone in the company. Here are the comments from Triple H:

As far as a Raw, SmackDown, or anything else…he will do amazing things with his career. He’s (25-years-old) and is just getting started. It’s amazing how good he is at the age he’s at and he’s another guy, when you look at him, starting with us just a couple of years ago, how good he’s become and how much better he is now than he was then. So where does he go? Onward and upward. Whether he’s back in (the NXT UK) title picture or moves on to another title picture. I don’t know that there’s too many people here with a brighter future than him. He’s going to be able to do whatever he wants to do.

Credit: WWE. H/T Fightful.


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