Triple H On Vince McMahon Not Getting Credit For His Ability To Adapt & More

Triple H recently spoke with Fightful. During the interview, he discussed the reasoning for moving NXT Takeover Brooklyn from Saturday to Friday night, as well as why he believes that Vince McMahon doesn’t get nearly the credit that he deserves for his ability to adapt. Here are the highlights:

On Takeover Moving To Friday:

I think it changes the dynamic of back-to-back televisions in the same place. For example, we go to Europe, we do back-to-back TV in London, it changes that here because it’s Friday and Sunday. It changes the dynamic of a lot of things. The best thing you can do at that point, you still have your plans, but then you get into a different room with a clean sheet of paper and say ‘let’s do this all over again.’ That’s what we’re doing.

On Vince Not Getting Enough Credit For His Ability To Adapt:

A thing people sometimes don’t give Vince a lot of credit for is his ability to shift and morph and become what is needed in the time. Reimagining everything is one of his biggest skill sets. He’s not afraid to look at the pay-per-view model, say ‘we’re gonna rip this up and change our whole business model and go over the top.’ He’s not afraid to say we need to reboot this whole thing and start over. He has a big saying — ‘first day on the job.’ If you came in with fresh eyes, would you do it that way? Would you do it differently. Stuff shifts every day. There are lots of things you do in your life that you just do that way because that’s how you’ve always done it, even though there might be better ways to do it. Constantly looking at that — he’s ingrained that in the entire company.

Credit: Fightful


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