Update On Backstage Heat On Lio Rush

As previously reported, Leo Rush appears to have a significant amount of heat on him within the WWE locker room and management. It was previously speculated that the source of the heat may have been his attitude and his belief that he should be a top star within the company.

According to a report by Fightful, the heat on Rush may be so bad that it’s unlikely that we’ll see him on television again. The report states that Rush has rubbed the locker room the wrong way on multiple occasions to the point of the locker room as a whole wanting him out of there.

The confidential sources cited in the report stated that at least some of the heat seems to stem from Rush’s insistence that his wife be present at all times while on the road with him. While there doesn’t appear to be any heat specifically on his wife, there have been at least two specific related instances that have caused an issue.

The first involved Finn Balor. According to the report, Balor attempted to pull Rush aside to give him advice, telling him that he didn’t think Vince McMahon would respond favorably to Rush’s wife sitting in on rehearsals. Instead of taking Balor’s words kindly, Rush reportedly responded unfavorably and word of the incident spread around the locker room quickly.

The second incident appears to have involved Rush telling the locker room that he and his wife would be getting a reality show soon. This appears to have ruffled feathers to the point in which management had to get involved.

In sum – if the report is to be believed, it seems likely that we’ve seen the last of Lio Rush on WWE television.

Credit: Fightful


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