Update on La Parka’s Injury, Fractured Vertebrae

Update on La Parka’s Injury, Fractured Vertebrae

In an update from yesterday’s report on La Parka, he did fracture his fourth vertebrae. We said that he couldn’t feel his legs, but in a correction, he couldn’t feel anything from his neck down. He had surgery yesterday and it is said to have gone successfully. It’s just a waiting game now.

La Parka injured himself at a AAA event. He was diving outside the ring but tripped over the ropes and landed on his neck. During the landing, he collided into the guard rail and floor. He wasn’t moving when the medical team had arrived.

As a reminder, this is the second person to play La Parka. This isn’t the WCW wrestler who currently goes by L.A. Park.

(Credit: f4wonline.com)


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