Vickie Guerrero Believes The WWE Runs Too Many PPVs

Vickie Guerrero Believes The WWE Runs Too Many PPVs

Vicky Guerrerro was recently interviewed by WFAN Sports Radio. During the appearance, Guerrero took the WWE to task over running what she considers to be “too many PPVs”. Here is what she had to say:

When Eddie was alive, they did pay-per-views like once every four months so they built on the storyline, got everyone excited, the families would come in for the pay-per-views.

It was like this big celebration maybe three times a year. So I think it meant more because you could put more emphasis on the storyline, get the characters involved, build up what they wanted to do with the storyline so [come] the pay-per-view, you were ready to buy this pay-per-view or show up and watch what happens.

Now there’s like two pay-per-views a month and I don’t think there’s enough time for the characters to be developed and to show what the storyline means and sometimes I’m like, ‘Ugh, this is too fast’.

It should be noted that when Eddie Guerrero was wrestling, the WWE was already been running monthly PPVs. The WWE has been holding monthly PPVs since 1995.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: WFAN Sports Radio. H/T Fightful


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