Vickie Guerrero On Chris Benoit In The Hall Of Fame, Fans Hating Her Character After Eddie’s Death & More

Vickie Guerrero recently sat down for an interview with Chris Van Vliet. During the interview, she discussed why she thinks Chris Benoit belongs in the Hall of Fame, fans hating on her for being a character on TV after Eddie’s death and more. Here are the highlights:

On Why Chris Benoit Belongs In The Hall Of Fame:

It’s a sad situation. I loved Chris Benoit. His family was our family. His wife Nancy, we were close friends and their son Daniel and we were all really close. I wasn’t there when it happened and I don’t understand why it happened but I still love him. Aside from all of that he loved us and he respected us. He was a talented wrestler and he had his own legacy and I think that it shouldn’t be ignored and it’s sad how things turned out but I would like to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame.

On Fans Hating Her Character On TV After Eddie’s Death:

I had the odds against me. I was Eddie’s wife and everybody thought I was being handed the job because he passed away. There were just a lot of things against me so I had to earn my way to have the love from the fans and find a character that was going to work with me. When they found this character with Edge, it all just started falling into place and we had a good time with it. I think fans hated me because they were thinking ‘How could Eddie’s wife go and work in the WWE after he passed away?’ But I did have a little bit of history of working with him before.

On Sasha Banks Being Inspired By Eddie:

She’s incredible. I got to finally work with her and sit down and talk to her at last year’s Royal Rumble, the first ever for the women. She’s incredible and such a fantastic person and we had a great time sitting down and talking.

On The Women’s Evolution:

It’s empowering to know that women have a chance to prove themselves in the ring and to know that women headlined the main event at WrestleMania. I’m proud of them and it’s well deserved. It takes the women from the past to the current roster that have made a place on the road and are able to say it’s not just a man’s industry, it’s the women that can make history as well.


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